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XBM Limited

The XBM family of businesses are some of the fastest growing office technology and managed print companies in the UK, with business hubs in Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, London, and our Head Office and National Service Centre buildings in Leeds, West Yorkshire. 


Our businesses are accredited by leading manufacturers including Epson, Develop, Kyocera, HP, Ricoh, Sharp, Smart, and SoftAV and act as a highly trusted resellers for a wide range of technology and solutions providers.


XBM’s Managed Print Service provides not only full installation and training on all devices, but all the maintenance and ink or toner your machine needs throughout its life, at a fraction of the cost and hassle others experience, spending hours online looking for cheap ink cartridges or cheap toner cartridges for their machines

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When the company started, the name was followed by the tagline, "The Photocopier Company". However, XBM is no longer just "The Photocopier Company"…


The 21st century workplace requires interactive AV systems, IT, Telcoms, and digital document management and workflow solutions, and XBM has rapidly become the first choice sustainable technology provider for many UK businesses, schools, colleges, charities and organisations of all sizes. However, yes, we do still supply photocopiers, multifunction and single function printers, whether you need just the one, or a whole fleet for multiple sites across the UK.


Manufacturer Summaries


Founded over 100 years ago in Nagoya, Japan, Brother’s first European base was established in Ireland in 1958. Brother acquired the Jones sewing machine factory in Manchester in 1968, and the company grew quickly in the UK.

Brother produced the very first high speed dot matrix printer in 1971, their first venture into office technology and Brother also produced the world’s first multifunction device capable of print, copy, and scan functions in 1995.

Brother manufactures a variety of home and office products, including laser printers, inkjet printers, label printers, scanners, multifunction printers, and copiers.



Canon is a global provider of digital imaging technologies, including cameras and printers. Founded in Japan in 1937, they currently employ over 198,000 people across Japan, the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

In 1947, the company became Canon Camera Company Inc. and continued the development of innovative camera technology. Canon developed their first laser printer in 1975.

Canon still provide camera and printer technology, from single function machines to multifunction inkjet and laser printers, including imageRUNNER, iSENSYS, and Pixma brands.



Daiwa Kogyo Ltd was established in 1942 and in 1956 the company created the Seiko Marvel, a mechanical watch which began the company’s watch business.

In 1968, Epson launched the EP-101 which was the world’s first miniature digital printer.

The Epson Corporation was established in 1975 and merged with Suwa Seikosha Co. Ltd in 1985 becoming Seiko Epson Corporation which they are known as today.

Epson are now focused on creating home and office products such as printers, wide format printers, projectors, and scanners and are constantly developing new ways to meet and exceed environmental standards.



In 1934 two electrical engineer graduates, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard became friends and began working together to create their brand in a garage in Palo Alto, California. In 1938 HP invented their first product named the HP Model 200A, a resistance-capacitance audio oscillator. HP entered the business computing industry in 1972, invented their first HP LaserJet in 1984 and by 1993 had already sold 10 million printers. Today, HP are still heavily involved in the business technology industry, constantly creating new products from laptops to computers and laser printers to wide format inkjet machines.



in 1959, Kyocera was founded in Japan as the Kyoto Ceramic Co. Ltd, specialising in fine ceramics. In 1982, four companies including Kyoto Ceramics merged together to form Kyocera Corporation.

In 2000, Kyocera acquired photocopier manufacturer, Mita Industrial Company Limited, and launched KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc in 2002. Today, Kyocera are a large player in the laser printer and multifunction laser printer industry, catering for users who are looking for fast, high-capacity, and high-quality machines.



Lexmark was founded in Kentucky in 1991 and launched its first new products, the IBM Personal Printer Series II, IBM 4226 Dot Matrix printers and the 4029 series of IBM Laser Printers.

In 1993, Lexmark introduced their first monochrome inkjet printer and by 1994 had created the industry’s first laser printer capable of reaching true 1,200 x 1,200 dots per inch.

In 2013, Lexmark decided to focus solely on developing their laser printers and today, Lexmark are still putting a lot of work into the quality and performance of their laser printer range, from their mono laser printers to their A3 multifunction printers.



OKI has been leading the world in customer-led innovation for over 130 years. Employing more than 25,000 people in 120 countries. In 1984, OKI was established in Europe, centring their business around Dot Matrix printers which are still a core part of their business today.

 In 1989 OKI introduced Europe’s first LED printers, the OL400 and the OL800, and in 2009, introduced their standard three-year warranty available on their machines which was a first for the printing industry. Today, OKI still focus on their Dot Matrix range and their colour/mono LED laser printers and MFP’s.

The introduction of CMYK plus high density white-under single pass printing, generating vibrant, standout results on a wide range of light, dark and transparent media, has made the OKI PRO9000 series the first choice for many businesses.



Established in 1936, Ricoh Company, Ltd. is based in Tokyo, Japan, and operates globally, with over 108,000 employees worldwide. Ricoh specialises in office and production printing markets.

in 1955 the company introduced their first diazo copier named Ricopy 101. The RICOPY FT4060 was invented in 1982 and was the first plain-paper copier to use dry-toner.

In 2009 Ricoh released their first digital, full-colour MFP series which included the imagio MP C3500RC and imagio C2500RC. Rioch still produce a range of colour and mono laser printers.



Established in 1969, Samsung began by producing black and white TV’s, in the 70’s the company expanded production into washing machines, refrigerators and microwaves. Today the company is perhaps best known for its high quality LED TVs and mobile phones.

Samsung’s first mono laser multifunction printer was produced in 1990, and followed in 2003 with their first colour laser printer.

Current Samsung printers pride themselves in having a stylish, compact design and easy to use features. In 2013 Samsung released the worlds first NFC-enabled colour laser printer.



The Sharp Corporation is a Japanese based multinational corporation that employs more than 50,000 people worldwide and designs and manufactures electronic products. Originally founded in Tokyo in September 1912, it takes its name from the Ever-Sharp mechanical pencil, which was invented by its founder Tokuji Hayakawa in 1915.

Hon Hai, a Taiwan-based electronics company that trades as Foxconn, acquired a 10% stake in the company in March 2012 and increased this to a 66% controlling stake in Sharp in 2016.

Today, Sharp manufactures a wide range of electronic products, including multifunction printing devices, audio-visual equipment for both the office and home entertainment, video projectors, LCD panels, solar panels, mobile phones, microwave ovens, air conditioners, cash registers, CMOS and CCD sensors used in cameras, and flash memory.



Japanese multinational, Toshiba Corporation, has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Formed in 1939 from the merger of Shibaura Seisaku-sho, formerly Tanaka Seizo-sho, Japan’s first manufacturer of telegraphic equipment since 1875, and Hakunetsu-sha & Co., Ltd., founded in 1890 to manufacture lamps.

The merged electronics company became Tokyo Shibaura Denki (Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd.) and soon well became known worldwide as ‘Toshiba,’ which became its official name in 1978.

Toshiba, a market leader in sustainable business practices, manufactures a diverse range of products; office equipment, such as multifunction printers, copiers, and scanners; information technology and communications equipment and systems; electronic components and materials; power systems, industrial and social infrastructure systems; consumer electronics, such as home appliances; medical equipment and lighting.



Xerox started as the Haloid Company in 1906, originally manufacturing and selling photographic paper. Chester Carlson, born in 1906 discovered xerographic printing in 1938 which helped fuel Xerox’s growth and devel opment.

Xerox then created the world’s first xerographic copier in 1949 named the Model A Copier. The Xerox 9700 invented in 1977 became the industry’s first xerographic laser printer.

Today, Xerox remain a significant player in the photocopier market producing A4 and A3 laser printers with high specifications.



Canon printers, Canon copiers, Canon photocopiers, Canon multifunction devices

Develop printers, Develop copiers, Develop photocopiers, Develop multifunction devices

Epson printers, Epson copiers, Epson photocopiers, Epson multifunction devices, Epson Heat Free Inkjet Technology, Epson large format printers, Epson large format plotters, Epson photo printers, Epson fine art printers, Epson projectors, Epson Surecolor

HP printers, HP copiers, HP photocopiers, HP multifunction devices, HP large format Designjet printers, HP large format plotters, HP large format scanners, HP photo printers, HP fine art printers, HP Designjet

Kyocera printers, Kyocera copiers, Kyocera photocopiers, Kyocera multifunction devices

Lexmark printers, Lexmark copiers, Lexmark photocopiers, Lexmark multifunction devices

OKI printers, OKI copiers, OKI multifunction devices, OKI 4 colour printer OKI 5 colour printers

Ricoh printers, Ricoh copiers, Ricoh photocopiers, Ricoh multifunction devices

Sharp printers, Sharp copiers, Sharp photocopiers, Sharp multifunction devices, Sharp digital signage, Sharp touchscreens, Sharp video walls, Sharp interactive displays

Samsung printers, Samsung copiers, Samsung photocopiers, Samsung multifunction devices

Toshiba printers, Toshiba copiers, Toshiba photocopiers, Toshiba multifunction devices, Toshiba Carbon Zero Devices, Toshiba digital signage, Toshiba touchscreens, Toshiba interactive displays, Toshiba video walls

Xerox printers, Xerox copiers, Xerox photocopiers, Xerox multifunction devices

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