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A faster and cost effective way to convert your old paper documents into digital files

Declutter your digital workspace and streamline access to your files through one simple interface – an easier, faster, more intuitive way to find, share, and edit your documents.

Disjointed digital systems make work more difficult. Foldr enables faster access and greater control of your files, no matter where they’re saved. This powerful technology unifies your file estate so you can make meaningful progress on the things that matter.


Paired with Foldr’s file access and indexing systems Make Stuff Happen (MaSH) provides an intuitive, easy to learn scripting engine and a powerful system of triggers and actions.


With Foldr and MaSH you can build powerful workflows, streamlining business processes and automating complex tasks.

Foldr MaSH Automation

You no longer need an Invoice approvals dashboard – you can do it right from your Finance folder. Need to automatically generate a documents pack and email it to a customer on receipt of a signature? MaSH makes this type of operation simple. If you can think of a process, with MaSH you can automate it. 

Foldr for Business -

Tech that works for you


In today’s fast-paced world, leveraging a digital advantage is critical for any growing business. It can be challenging to stay connected with your team and manage your digital systems effectively, but that’s where Foldr comes in.


We help your business empower your team to work more effectively and efficiently, unleashing their full potential and driving strategic growth for your business.

  • Streamline your workflow
  • Increase productivity
  • Stay connected
  • Protect your data
  • Maximise the advantages of hybrid working

Foldr for Education -

Top of the class


Are your files scattered across different cloud services, storage devices and servers? Do you need a reliable app to give a unified view of your digital world? Look no further than Foldr.


If you’re working on a class presentation in Google Drive but need to make last-minute edits in a Word document, Foldr can do that, making file management feel like magic – only better.


  • Streamline student hand-ins and deadlines
  • Collaborate and share resources with peers and students
  • Seamlessly embed folders into webpages
  • Rest easy knowing your data is secure
  • Stream video and audio files directly through Foldr



To discuss how Foldr could benefit your business, request a call back from one of our team.

Powerful benefits for the whole team


Foldr enables your business information to be stored, searched, shared, and managed with far greater efficiency.




Our team will consult with you and design a solution that fits your immediate and future business requirements.

Effortless Automation with MaSH

It doesn’t take a technical genius to design and streamline your workflows and supercharge productivity in Foldr. MaSH is an intuitive scripting language that makes it easy for anyone to Make Stuff Happen.


Make your work flow with beautifully simple, deceptively powerful automation.


  • Find and work with any file wherever it is stored
  • Configure and execute tasks automatically
  • Schedule – and event – driven workflows
  • Use custom fields to assign metadata to files
  • Create, edit, split, and merge documents
  • Search, classify, and redact legacy and cloud documents
Foldr MaSH Automation