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Epson WorkForce Enterprise

A3 Colour Multifiunction Printer
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Epson WorkForce Enterprise​ WF-C20600

Epson’s innovative Heat-Free print technology leads the market, providing more sustainable printing, reducing your carbon footprint and your costs.

With print speeds of up to 60ppm this eco-responsible MFP offers impressive reliability and high print yields, reducing operational costs. Epson’s Heat-Free MFPs do not use a fuser to apply toner to paper, reducing your energy costs and eliminating the 20-30 second warm-up wait each time you wake it up. When combined with fewer consumables changes and less downtime, the Epson WorkForce Enterprise​ WF-C20600 reduces your carbon footprint and increases productivity.


Epson’s Heat-Free Enterprise multifunction printers use far less power than a comparable laser printer, eliminate the warm-up wait, and require up to 98% less user intervention, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.




With the information you provide we will design a print solution that could could reduce both your carbon footprint and your bills.

XBM is an Epson Platinum Partner, one of only two in the UK, a prestigious status awarded by Epson based on a comprehensive set of criteria including our product focus, expertise, sales, and the high level of support we provide for our customers.

XBM is an Epson Solutions+ Platinum Partner, one of only two in the UK.