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XBM EcoTec

XBM EcoTec Office MFPs, Multifunction Printers, Photocopiers
XBM EcoTec refurbished printers and photocopiers

XBM EcoTec: Using Technology Sustainably

With over 30 year’s experience in providing managed print and technology, the team at XBM provides more sustainable technology options.

That includes both new single and multifunction printers designed energy efficient features and recycled materials, as well as used devices that we have assessed still have more than half of their working life left and are suitable for refurbishment. 


Our manufacturer trained technicians then inspect the device down to each serviceable component, cleaning each part and replacing where ever necessary to ensure we deliver high quality devices too every customer.

EcoTec Printers, photocopiers, and multifunction printers, MFPs



To find out more about EcoTec devices and what is currently available, request a callback from one of our print specialists.

XBM EcoTec Refurbished printers and photocopiers

Why choose a refurbished photocopier or printer?

Environmental Impact:


The increase in extreme weather conditions around the globe is bringing home to many the need to address climate change, and do it now. Businesses are a major source of both greenhouse gas emissions and waste and so have to play their part in tackling the problem.


Most modern technology uses a combination of plastics, metals, and rare earths in their construction. Finding a way to stretch those resources by recycling, can result in less drilling and mining for the raw materials used in manufacturing and is an important step in protecting our planet.




Performing a thorough and professional refurbishment on a single function or multifunction printer is not just a matter of dusting the case. The device has to be inspected by professionally trained technicians and any worn parts identified and replaced, as well as a secure wipe of any and all data that may still be held in the devices memory.


Even given the professional level of refurbishment provided by XBM, the finished device can still be less costly than a brand new device, and this is why many small businesses, new start-ups, and charities opt for refurbished printers and photocopiers.

Refurbished Printers & Photocopiers

Printer and photocopier manufacturers design their devices to outlast and continue functioning reliably well past the average lease contract and surveys have shown that 95% of devices have more than 50% of their useful operating life remaining. Refurbishing and reusing these devices prevents tonnes of plastic and metal ending up in landfill every year, providing businesses and organisations with a greener, a more sustainable, and a more affordable solution to their print needs.


However, not all “refurbished” printers and photocopiers are the same. Historically, some providers cleaned and performed superficial repairs, then moved the machines on as quickly as possible to make the highest return. That often led to frequent breakdowns and a bad reputation for those businesses.


This is why XBM takes such pains to ensure that every device, new or refurbished, is checked and configured to the customer’s specification by our experienced build teams at our Service Hubs in Leeds and Birmingham, before they are delivered and installed at your premises.

XBM EcotTec Refurbished Photocopiers
ISO 9001 ISO 14001 Cyber Essentials

XBM EcoTec: High Standards & Ongoing Support

XBM is accredited with the ISO 9001 Management Standard, the ISO 14001 Environmental standard and Cyber Essentials and all XBM EcoTec printers and photocopiers go through an extensive inspection and refurbishment process performed by our team of trained technicians. All parts and consumables identified are replaced, all latent data is erased from the device in line with GDPR requirements, and the manufacturer’s factory settings restored.


Deciding to lease or purchase an XBM EcoTec device can be a win, both for the planet and your business or organisation. XBM also provides a comprehensive Managed Print Service, providing you with the peace of mind that we will always be there to maintain your device and offer our expertise, helping eliminate the hassle of managing one or a whole fleet of printers and photocopiers or multifunction printers (MFPs).



With the information you provide we will design a print solution that could could reduce both your carbon footprint and your bills.

XBM Managed Print Service

We will spend time with you to run through what you currently use within your business, what printers, photocopiers, and multifunction printers are currently connected to your network and assess what you are currently spending on all the different components that are required to run the businesses printing as it stands.


We will then design a solution that includes all the hardware, software, and operational support your business requires.


Our software solutions check how much ink or toner is left, ordering replacements when needed, and how many prints have been used since the last reading, automatically reporting them to assure accurate billing.


Our service teams around the country provide local service to our customers, with additional supplies and parts stored at our service hubs in Leeds and Birmingham.

Hardware & Software

Automated Ink/Toner Replacements

Automated Meter Readings

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