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XBM Document Scanning and Archiving Service

XBM Document Scanning and Archiving Service


Many companies and organisations operate in a hybrid world of paper and electronic information, and sometimes it’s hard to remember whether that vital piece of information is saved on your laptop, the company server, or on a sheet of paper somewhere in the store room.

That is understandable, as the process towards digitalisation has been organically advancing bit by bit over the last 40 years with each new advancement in technology. Now emails and pdfs are a normal part of our day, but there is still so much paper too, taking up your time and space. It also costs more than you think too.


Time, Space, and Money

Without a unified view of your information, customers are kept waiting, staff spend precious time searching, not to mention the cost of the floor space, your physical documents cost you space, time, and money… every day.

When you do find the information you need, if it’s in a paper format, you still can’t easily access or quickly share it with others.


Compliance, Sustainability, and Security

GDPR has had many implications for business, but when it comes to your documentation, it is hard to ensure you remain compliant with all the existing and new regulations. Digital processes allow you to implement changes across all your documents without search through rooms of paper.

For many requirements, providing a digital copy rather than a photocopied version of a document makes manipulating the information so much easier, and as the original digital copy of a document is held securely in the cloud, it secures it safely in the event of a fire, flood, or physical theft. Firewalls, encryption, and rules based access provide digital security, ensuring only those you give permission to can access the data.

XBM Document Scanning and Archiving Service


XBM Solutions and Services

With 30 years’ experience providing print and digital solutions, XBM provides both digital transformation solutions you can implement internally and document services where we do the processing for you.

Through a combination of XBM's document scanning expertise, infrastructure, and modern, secure cloud storage, we can enable you to take the next step on your digital transformation journey, whether you decide on an internal solution, or outsource the process to XBM.


XBM Document Scanning and Archiving Service

If you choose to use our Document Scanning and Archiving Service:

  • Our fleet of tracked vehicles will collect your documents and securely deliver them to our processing centre.
  • Documents will be manually prepared, paperclips and staples removed, edges and corners straightened and unfolded, ready for our scanners.
  • Our Technicians then set up the agreed parameters; encryption, colour/mono, despeckle, deskew, auto rotate, blank page removal, field/full OCR, output file type, then scan your documents. 
  • The digital documents are quality checked, indexed, and structured to suit your requirements. 
  • The digital documents are uploaded to the cloud, providing you with flexible, remote access, and effective document management. Alternatively, the complete document archive can be returned to you via a secure drive.
  • The final step is the secure disposal of any physical documents you no longer require. These can be shredded and recycled, or disposed of in the prescribed way agreed with you at the start.


XBM Document Scanning and Archiving Service