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Telecoms - Unified Communications

XBM Unified Communications


In recent years, we have needed more than ever to have the flexibility to work from anywhere, and with the same level of interconnectedness and security we experience in our office. Phone calls, emails, video conferencing, even printing to the office printer can all now be achieved from just about anywhere.


A big part of facilitating this development has been the implementation of high-speed broadband across the UK and the move from traditional communications to a Unified Communications model. Unified Communications can provide a seamless user experience to help your business and staff work together more successfully, anywhere, on any device, at any time.


The organic growth of different communications channels over time led to a disjointed infrastructure that became a complex spaghetti of competing technologies, and drain on a company’s time, budgets, and resources.


XBM’s solution provides customers with an innovative technology stack, designed to bring your modern communications tools together into a single app. This creates a host of benefits from greater employee and customer satisfaction rates to increased business growth and operational flexibility.


XBM Unified Communications cover broadband services, VOIP telecoms, mobile telecoms, video conferencing and collaboration, hybrid working, and the physical infrastructure to make it all work seamlessly. At the core of our service is the understanding that today's businesses and organisations require reliability and flexibility whilst remaining affordable.

Telecommunications - XBM Unified Communication




Broadband lies at the heart of Unified Communications and as UK Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) will be switched off in 2025, with some services affected even earlier, it is vital that businesses prepare well in advance.

Ultrafast broadband may already be available in your area. Thanks to the fibre – optic cable direct from your local exchange to your business, you will be able to rely on a fast, secure, and affordable connection at all times.


VOIP – telecommunications

Our VoIP PBX is a reliable communication system for small or large business. It’s scalable, flexible, and easily adapts to the needs of any company, whether you have one office, or dozens spread around the country, or even the globe, and provides a wide range of top-end handsets and headsets designed to perform in mission critical environments.

XBM Unified Communications capabilities can be integrated with third-party applications and web-based software, allowing you, for example, to manage calls from your Windows PC or from external web applications.

For the ultimate system, SuperVision runs on an Android-based operating system and is equipped with an 8” display and removable webcam. This phone allows managers to monitor their company’s telephone activity via the Call Center Wallboard.



Our integrated mobile system enables the functionality of your VoIP PBX on your mobile handset, bringing all the features you need to the palm of your hand.

The system will sync with Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, external databases, MySQL, MS SQL, CRM and many more common apps.


Video & Collaboration

Our system provides a web-based tool for business communication that enables your teams to work together and contact or work with other businesses around the country or even the globe efficiently.

It brings all your real-time communications tools together efficiently in one place, chat, audio, video calls and conferencing, real-time interactive touchscreen collaboration, and much more.


Hybrid Working

Our systems integrate with MS Teams and other third party apps providing an organising layer for your hybrid working platform, providing a seamless operation across every area of your local and wide area networks. This enables your staff to work from just about any location, providing a truly integrated collaborative workplace.



We assesses your current IT and telecoms infrastructure and design in your future needs, including your physical hardware and network we provide you with an optimised solution.

Our team takes all the hard work out of the design, sourcing, and installation of the solution you require.