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A visitor management system helps you identify who is inside your premises at any point and especially during emergencies through the ability to access real-time visitor activity & reporting. Protect your people, premises and reputation through effortless enforcement of security and compliance while providing a warm welcome for your visitors, staff. contractors, or students.

However, ensuring everyone is properly signed-in and, where necessary, provided with a badge, before entering your premise is just one of the many benefits of a visitor management system.

It also conveniently allows you to track who is inside your buildings or tertiary sites, be they additional offices or storage buildings for businesses, Admin buildings, sports annexes or temporary classrooms for schools, providing you with an electronic “paper trail” of the staff, visitors, contractors, or students entering, moving around, and leaving your buildings or campuses.


Why is this important?

Consider how you would currently handle a large emergency. You may need to evacuate everyone in from your building or buildings. How will you know if every person is accounted for?

Schools can probably check staff and students, based on their attendance sheets, but what about guests, contractors, or other visitors who have entered your premises?

Businesses and other organisations have traditionally used a visitor’s book, something becoming less common with GDPR requirements, so how do they track staff and visitors across their sites? How would you know if they have safely evacuated too?

During the pandemic, we saw the importance of monitoring the health of anyone seeking to enter our buildings or campuses and saw the introduction of Thermal Tablets that read a person’s temperature at a distance, alert them if they are possibly putting everyone else at risk, and display your safety guidelines.

Site safety, evacuations, group movement, late sign-in, DBS pre-approved list management and a host of other applications can all be competently managed by a digital visitor and/or student movement system, freeing up your staff and providing multi-entrance monitoring around your buildings and campus.