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What are the pros and cons of photocopier leasing?

For many businesses, leasing a photocopier carries several advantages over purchasing, but it is not without its downsides. Our guide explores the pros and cons of photocopier leasing.

Free up funds 

With no large cash outlay needed, you free up funds to be used elsewhere as your business needs.

Fixed payments

With a lease agreement, your payment is fixed for the duration so you always know what you’re paying and benefit from a reduced cost when you take inflation into account.

Suited to you

All businesses have different cash flow requirements, and a lease agreement offers some flexibility as you can choose the length of the agreement and the payments at the outset.


A lease allows you to upgrade your equipment as required and as technology advances without the burden of selling or disposing of old equipment yourself.

Credit rating

It can be more difficult to get a lease if you are a new company with a limited credit rating, or if you have had bad credit in the past.

No assets

You will never own the equipment with a lease agreement so will never have the asset to sell on after you no longer require it.

Hidden costs

You might find that not everything is included in the monthly cost of a lease agreement and those extras can add up. Be sure to check any contract for hidden fees that might not be included, paying particular attention to servicing, repairs and calibration costs.

Overall, leasing is the more flexible option for your photocopying needs but there are both positives and negatives of going down this route rather than purchasing equipment outright.

Get in touch with us to discus your options for purchasing or leasing a photocopier.


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