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Audio Visual

Audio Visual Communication & Collaboration Technology


Audio Visual Communication & Collaboration Technology

Audio Visual communication and collaboration technology lie at the heart of business and education, enabling effective interactions, teaching, and hybrid working environments.

Whether you are looking for an interactive touch table for a nursery or care home, an interactive display for your boardroom or classroom, a projector, or digital signage, XBM works with manufacturers who lead the market in their respective sectors, providing technology solutions that give life to your vision and go beyond your expectations.


And if you can’t see the right solution here, call our team who will do all the legwork to source exactly what you need.

Audio Visual

Interactive Audio Visual Communication & Collaboration

Thanks to ever-advancing technology, you can make meaningful connections around your department, with other offices and businesses, even around the globe, making the world a much smaller place and AV (audio visual) plays an integral part in bringing people together, whether it’s for business, education, healthcare, or any occasion people need to meet and collaborate.


Intelligent video conferencing can host discussions whilst reducing both travel time and costs. Able to support calls with many participants, businesses, schools, lawyers, architects, healthcare providers, and just about anyone else you can think of can collaborate with ease.

Interactive Touch Table Display
Sharp Interactive Display


Interactive AV solutions and video conferencing software can meet the demands of hybrid meetings, bringing together colleagues onsite, working remotely, or at home, allowing projects to continue and decisions to be made collaboratively.


Interactive touchscreens provide a slick and modern approach to pitching, presenting, and forecasting – whether you are looking ahead to the next fiscal year or delivering a research paper, your presentation will never look better.


Similarly, interactive projector displays offer versatile AV solutions with either short throw projectors or larger displays.  Epsons is the UK’s Number 1 supplier of projectors for business and education.


Similarly, in schools, colleges and universities, AV solutions can facilitate flex learning situations, enabling students to participate in lessons remotely and allowing learning to continue without the need to be physically present in a classroom.


In the classroom or other educational establishments, digital interactive whiteboards can drive engagement and encourage pupil participation, making lessons even more memorable and improving learning outcomes.


Choose from digital displays, interactive displays, and interactive projection with a world of apps and support to make the most of your new equipment.

SMART Interactive Displays
Max Interactive Touch Tables

Touch Tables For Education

Designed with Early Years Learners in mind, MAX Interactive Touch Tables bring a collaborative approach to education, gamification, and group learning with engaging and practical functionality.


A number of Yellow Door Apps, the industry leader in Early Years app provision, are pre-installed on each table, so you are ready to go from day one, and others can be downloaded as needed.


Access to Google Play Store apps, Zoom, YouTube provides a wide range of free and paid for apps that can educate and stimulate Early Years Learners.

Touch Tables For Adult & Youth Care Settings

Our range of Touch Tables also includes models designed for youth and adult care environments, whether that is in care homes, day centres, therapeutic and rehabilitation centres, or care for young people or adults with learning disabilities.


Designed with the needs of the people we support in mind, Max Series 2 Care touch tables come preloaded with apps  tailored to our customers interests and capabilities, from stimulating quizzes. exciting games, and sing alongs to using the internet.


An ever increasing range of apps provide communication, recreation, stimulation, and mind training and are becoming a standard aid in dementia care.

MAX2 Care - Jigsaw



With the information you provide we will design a print solution that could could reduce both your carbon footprint and your bills.

XBM is an Epson Platinum Partner, one of only two in the UK, a prestigious status awarded by Epson based on a comprehensive set of criteria including our product focus, expertise, sales, and the high level of support we provide for our customers.

XBM is an Epson Solutions+ Platinum Partner, one of only two in the UK.
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