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Competition Rules

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XBM Competition Rules

From time to time, XBM Limited Marketing runs various forms of competion. The rules for these will always appear below for the duration of and 14 days after every event.

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XBM Limited Social Media Spring 2024 Competition Rules


The  XBM Limited Social Media Spring 2024 Competition is open to anyone resident within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on the date of the draw.

  1. People resident outside of the United Kingdom are explicitly excluded from participation.
  2. People visiting the United Kingdom but not resident on the date of the draw are also excluded.
  3. The competition launch is on Wednesday 6th March 2024 and it closes at noon on Friday 5th April 2024.
  4. Competition entrants must follow the XBM social media page, and like and share the competition post on one or more of the social media pages listed below:
  5. Entrants can follow one or more XBM social media pages, like the competition post on each platform and share them to as many people as they choose, but will only be entered into the draw once per platform.
  6. They will be allocated one entry ticket for each platform they where they like, share and follow, to a maximum of three tickets, one for each platform.
  7. There is one prize of Love-2-Shop vouchers totalling one hundred Pounds Stirling (£100.00) to be paid after the closing date in Love to Shop vouchers.
  8. The competition draw will take place at noon on Friday 5th April 2024 at XBM Head Office, Leeds, West Yorkshire.
  9. One winning entry will be drawn.
  10. The winner will be contacted via a Direct Message (DM) to arrange transfer or delivery of the prize vouchers.
  11. Any additional costs incurred in collecting or receiving delivery of the prize as a result of the entrants circumstances beyond the cost of registered post will be at the entrant’s own expense.
  12. XBM may require photo confirmation that the winning entrant has received the prize.
  13. The name, any photograph provided by any means and a general geographical location (e.g. the county or city) may be used by XBM in further social media communications.
  14. People who like a post or follow an XBM social media page are consenting to XBM contacting them through social media and or DMs in relation to this competition and for other purposes in the future.
  15. None of the platforms, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, have any part in the creation or running of the competition and are not promoting it. Neither will they be involved in the draw, nor in the delivery of the prize.
  16. None of the Social Media Platforms where the competition is posted is liable in any way for any aspect of this competition or the prize draw.
  17. Questions regarding the competition should be addressed to the XBM Marketing Department: *protected email*

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