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Square 9

AI Powered Intelligent Digital Document Processing Platform
Square 9 Logo

Square 9 is one of the most comprehensive Document & Content Management Solutions, offering modular resources that are scalable to provide the functionality and security your business needs, when and where it needs it.

The AI-powered intelligent document processing platform takes the paper out of work and makes it easier to get things done with digital workflows that automate many aspects of how you work today.


Square 9 makes it easy by extracting information from scans or PDFs, storing documents in a searchable archive, and building digital twins of your current processes through graphical workflows.

Square 9

Take the Paper Out of Work -

Take the Paper Out of Work


Paper-based work is soul-crushing, profit-sapping, and an anchor on individual, team, and organizational productivity. Paper literally smothers innovation, creating a competitive disadvantage.


Founders Stephen Young, Brian Banet, and Tony Bishop saw the potential for a new kind of software company focused on driving out paper-based inefficiencies in core business functions, and so Square 9 was born.


From its days as an early incubator project in 2005 to its current position as a leading intelligent document processing and management platform, the team at Square 9 have never stopped innovating, driving functionality to meet the challenges for businesses and organisations across multiple industries and sectors.


Thousands of organizations around the globe rely on Square 9 to provide a platform for intelligent document capture, indexing, search integration, and business process automation.

Affordable, Industry Proven Solutions -

Affordable, Industry Proven Solutions


Previously only affordable to large enterprise corporations, the team behind Square 9 envisioned a way to deliver Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions that scaled up and down, allowing small and medium-sized companies to benefit from digital transformation.


Now, with a growing multinational market and a constantly expanding team of industry professionals, Square 9 Softworks continues to push the boundaries of what their solutions can do while even further revolutionizing the ECM industry.


With the launch of Square 9’s cloud hosted Solutions Delivery Network in 2020, they introduced the concept of predesigned, industry proven applications that serve as the foundation for your digital transformation strategy; regardless of organizational size.


From the smallest company to the largest corporation, the goal is to simplify the process of digital transformation like never before while removing any and all obstacles to business automation.

Artificial Intelligence -

Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence, while once the stuff of science fiction now has a number of widely used applications, ranging from word processing software corrections and art generation to fraud prevention and autonomous vehicle development.


With the assistance of AI, documents can be captured faster and more accurately. This is achieved because of AI’s ability to make decisions based on numerous factors. To capture a vendor name, for example, an AI solution may look for the most likely locations this field may appear on a page and correlate that data with keywords such as “vendor” and “name” among other factors.


For an invoice number, the solution may look for a specific amount of digits with only numeric characters in conjunction with its proximity to any variations of the term Invoice.


But where AI capture differs from its counterparts is flexibility. Without AI, template-less capture is impossible. Each of these many data points must be manually programmed in an OCR template that’s typically bound to a set of hard rules. And it’s not a one size-fits-all situation either as invoices can vary greatly. As a result, it’s not uncommon for multiple templates to be required.


AI solutions, however, carefully weigh a wide range of variables intelligently against each other to determine a match, just as a human would. This flexibility in decision-making ultimately yields far more accurate results than many other forms of capture.


Additionally, by forgoing templates altogether in favour of AI-assisted capture, you can not only save a large amount of money getting started with your solution, but you can also avoid incurring future third party costs down the road.

Affordable, Industry Proven Solutions


To discuss how Square 9 would benefit your business, request a call back from one of our team.

Benefits Of Digital Transformation


Quickly transform your paper-based documents into digital information that can be stored, searched, shared, and managed with far greater efficiency.

Digital Document Access

Immediate Access


Save valuable time by giving your teams immediate access to information through the browser, from anywhere at any time, via a centralized repository for all your business-critical information.

Digital Document Search

Powerful Search & Retrieval


Use flexible search tools to locate records using any combination of keywords, phrases, addresses, and more. It’s easy to find every file that matches your search criteria.

Digital Collaboration

Improve Team Collaboration


Increase collaboration in-or out-of-the-office through a web-based platform that includes document routing and email notification.

Document Security

Enhance Document Security


Protect information with security controlled access and track users who have viewed or modified a document.

Document Storage

Reduce Storage Requirements


Eliminate offsite storage costs and make better use of office space by removing paper-based filing systems.


Enforce Regulatory Compliance


Ensure compliance with regulatory mandates through established record retention practices.

Workflow Automation

Define Business Processes


Simplify workflows to save time and resources. Enforce and automate policies and procedures through workflows that notify and track required activity. 

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery


Protect your information against fire, power outages, and natural disasters with a cloud-hosted solution that reduces recovery time and cost.




The Square 9 ECM Solution grows with your business. You can even start in one department, such as accounting, human resources, legal, compliance, or wellness, and grow to encompass your whole business over time.



Our team will consult with you and design a solution that fits your immediate and future business requirements.

Modular Design


Square 9 is a modular Enterprise Content Management solution that is flexible and scalable to meet the needs of both SMEs and growing corporate organisations.

Enterprise Content Management Software (ECM) – GlobalSearch

In the fast-paced world of modern business, managing documents and data efficiently is crucial for success. As your business grows, so does the challenge of managing an ever-growing volume of documents and information. GlobalSearch Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software takes the paper out of work, efficiently organizes, and securely stores all your documents in a single, searchable, permission-based data repository, ensuring effortless retrieval and virtually limitless storage capabilities.


Enable Company-Wide Access

Square 9 cutting-edge Document Management system ensures that you no longer have to waste precious time searching for important files. GlobalSearch ECM streamlines the process, allowing you to effortlessly access the information you need, when you need it.


Integration with other Applications

GlobalSearch Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software offers seamless document management integrations with a wide range of applications. Whether you use popular productivity suites like Microsoft Office 365 or specific industry software, our ECM solution can easily integrate with your existing systems.


Find The Data You Need, When You Need it

It’s not just about managing documents; it’s about empowering you to make better decisions in real time. Experience the efficiency and convenience of advanced search capabilities, quickly access critical content, and make informed decisions by instantly searching on-screen data to retrieve documents without ever leaving the application you are in.


Security and Auditing

Granular security provides user-based sign-in access, keeping databases, archives, documents, and feature-level security enforced. The audit trail logs all document actions by date and user with convenient filtering and export options to provide full visibility into business output.

Web Forms Automation Software – GlobalForms

Collect information with intuitive web forms that eliminate repetitive processes, securely store your data for easy access, and improve process visibility.  Document capture automation with GlobalForms allows for real-time engagement with your audience. Global Forms is flexible, modular, and readily scalable.


User-Friendly Designer

GlobalForms offers robust styling options for easy form creation with its browser-based platform. Simply drag-and-drop form fields onto the designer to build a unique form.


Custom Layouts

Add calculations, language localization, conditional fields, images and more through simple point and click options, no coding required. Makes building forms simple and ensures you collect all the required data you need before the submit button is hit.



Automatically route the information collected as a complete document for approval or to notify users of required action. Easily integrate web forms into capture workflows to create a single process for working with data.


Customizable Options

Leverage Square 9’s digital library of common forms for various business use cases, including expense reporting, PO requests, employee onboarding, tax form collection, medical forms, and much more or create your own custom forms.

Document Capture Automation Software

Efficiently add your documents to your repository. Easily capture, classify, and validate high volumes of documents, including paper, PDFs, and even email messages and their attachments, so you can easily find them in a matter of seconds with document capture automation software.


Artificial Intelligence

Square 9’s TransformAI captures data from documents by intelligently discerning the identity and location of information on each page and completely forgoes the use of template based data extraction. TransformAI extracts all accounts payable information from invoices, receipts, and more without the use of templates, resulting in more accurately captured information, and significantly reduced professional services costs, and faster and more convenient data validation.


Advanced OCR Technology

Automatically recognize your document formats and apply the correct data extraction rules. With GlobalCapture’s easy-to-use design wizard, you can easily handle multiple document formats and create new extraction rules when needed without technical expertise.


Multiple Release Options

Designed for organizations looking to introduce document capture with or without an ECM platform. You can release files to GlobalSearch, SharePoint, or OneDrive.


Identity and Access Management

A single point of entry for users through Okta, Microsoft Azure AD, or OneLogin offers less time to login, lower help desk workloads and greater incentive to create strong passwords keeping your system more secure. A separate subscription is required for these services.

Business Process Management Software – GlobalAction

Workflow automation enables you to map document activities from data capture to archival and provides end-to-end process visibility to help you achieve consistently targeted results aligned with your organization’s goals.


Web-Based Designer

A web-based graphical presentation of your document makes it easy to create, troubleshoot or revise a workflow activity anytime, anywhere.


Automated Notifications

With the GlobalAction workflow automation software, you can send automatic email reminders to users once a day, once an hour, or once a minute based on your schedule.


Real-time Analytics

GlobalAnalytics adds business intelligence to your workflows by providing on-demand management reporting on document-driven processes.


Web Forms

Insert a web form into any workflow through a link, where users can seamlessly enter information. A PDF record of the completed form is automatically documented.