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Epson Awards XBM Best Reseller 2022

Epson Awards XBM Best Reseller & Best Service Reller 2022

Epson Awards XBM Best Reseller 2022

Epson have awarded XBM Limited Best Reseller of the Year 2022 and Best Service Reller of the Year 2022, a double confirmation that XBM is effectively communicating the core messages of Epson’s range of Heat-Free, low energy, low waste single-function and multifunction printers.


XBM is an Epson Solutions+ Platinum Partner, one of only two in the UK. This is a prestigious status awarded by Epson based on a comprehensive set of criteria including product focus, expertise, sales, and the high level of support we provide for our customers.


The Epson / XBM partnership has focused heavily on the sustainable credientials of Epson Heat-Free Print Technology which has eliminated the need to heat a fuser to bond toner to paper, saving time, energy, and money whilst reducing the users CO2 emissions and Crabon Footprint.


The partnership took another leap forward in 2023 when Epson sponsored XBM on the National Education Print Agreement (NEPA2) Framework. The agreement provides a compliant framework for XBM to provide print equipment and management solutions, primarily to Universities and higher educational institutions, but also to publicly funded primary and secondary schools, further education, and the wider public sector.


[Photo left to right: Richard Wells, Epson UK Head of Office Print Sales, Richard Taylor, Managing Director XBM Limited, Paul Harland, Epson UK MPS Account Manager]

Title: Epson Awards XBM

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