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February 2024

SMART Board GX-V3 is Awarded Best of Show at ISE 2024   The SMART Board GX-V3 has won Best of Show, Tech & Learning at Integrating Systems Europe (ISE) 2024!   ISE, which took place in Barcelona from January 30th to February 2nd, brings together the best in professional AV and electronic systems integrations, providing a unique showcase of technology and solutions for companies around the globe.   This year SMART Technologies'...

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EU Bans Greenwashing   The European Union (EU) is taking a strong stance against misleading environmental claims that rely on carbon offsetting or lack specific scientific evidence. The EU parliament voted in January 2024¹²³⁴ to outlaw the use of terms such as "climate neutral", "biodegradable", or "eco" without proof, and to ban carbon offsetting schemes as a way to substantiate these claims. The EU argues that these...

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