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Unified Communications

IT & Telecommunications

What are Unified Communications?

Unified Communications provide a seamless IT and communications experience to help your business and staff work together more successfully, anywhere, on any device, at any time.


As technologies have evolved, IT and Telecommunications have gradually merged, to the point that any remaining broadband or phone services that still use the old copper network will no longer work after December 2025.


The current PSTN will be switched off and all UK landlines will cease to operate. From January 1 2026, all phone calls will be hosted via the internet and many businesses have already migrated to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems.

XBM Unidied Communication, IT, Telecommunication

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The team at XBM have a wealth of experience, having provided managed services for over 30 years to corporate and commercial businesses, charities, not-for-profits, and the public sector nationwide.



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XBM Unified Communications

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In recent years, we have needed more than ever to have the flexibility to work from anywhere, and with the same level of interconnectedness and security we experience in our office. Phone calls, emails, video conferencing, even printing to the office printer can all now be achieved from just about anywhere.


A big part of facilitating this development has been the implementation of high-speed broadband across the UK and the move from traditional communications to a Unified Communications model. Unified Communications provides a seamless user experience to help your business and staff work together more successfully, anywhere, on any device, at any time, and improved the user experience for your customers.


The organic growth of different communications channels over time led to a disjointed infrastructure that became a complex spaghetti of competing technologies, and drain on a company’s time, budgets, and resources.

XBM – Solutions that just work

XBM Unified Communications cover broadband services, VOIP telecoms, mobile telecoms, video conferencing and collaboration, hybrid working, and the physical infrastructure to make it all work seamlessly. At the core of our service is the understanding that today’s businesses and organisations require reliability and flexibility whilst remaining affordable.


XBM’s solution provides customers with an innovative technology stack, designed to bring your modern communications tools together into a single app. This creates a host of benefits from greater employee and customer satisfaction rates to increased business growth and operational flexibility.

XBM Unidied Communication, IT, Telecommunication



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