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Epson Heat-Free Print Technology

Switching to Heat-Free Print Technology lowers costs, your carbon footprint, and increases productivity
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Epson Heat-Free Print Technology

Epson’s innovative print technology leads the market, providing more sustainable printing that reduces your carbon footprint and your costs.

Compared to laser printers in the same class, Epson’s Heat-Free printers and multifucntion printers are faster, use less energy, produce less consumables waste, and require less user intervention to keep them running, reducing your running costs, your carbon footprint, and increasing productivity.

Epson Printers, MFPs, Photocopiers
Epson Printers are faster, use less energy, produce less waste, and require less user intervention
The Climate Challenge

Switch to Heat-Free Technology for low power consumption


The earth is facing numerous environmental challenges. The answer to these challenges lies in every person and every company thinking about changing behaviour. And we can all play our part.


Epson focus on changing the way we consume energy by providing a more sustainable Heat-Free Print Technology, which uses no heat in the ink ejection process and delivers lower power consumption.


Starting one page at a time, every time we all print, we can change the story together.

Switch to Epson Heat Free Technology

One small change can have a positive impact on our journey to Net Zero


Research by experts at the University of Cambridge identified that to keep the world on track to achieve a net zero carbon future, the energy consumed globally by all appliances must fall on average by approximately 25% from 2020 levels by 2030, and 40% by 2050.


It also revealed that a worldwide switch across all laser and inkjet models would cut energy emissions by 52.6% and that inkjet technology can be up to 90% more energy efficient than laser technology depending on the type of printer.

Printing process comparison


Laser and inkjet printers may look the same on the outside, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Epson’s Heat-Free Technology does not require heat in the ink ejection process.


Laser printers use heat to fuse toner to the paper. This is why it takes so long for them to warm up before they start printing and why prints are often warm or even hot when the come out.


Even other inkjet print technologies use heat in the print head, but Epson’s Heat-Free print technology dose not, it is truly Heat-Free.


Instead pressure is applied to the Piezo element, which flexes backwards and forwards firing the ink from the printhead.

The benefits of Heat-Free Technology


Increase productivity and reduce environmental impact without compromise.

Faster - increases your productivity

Epson’s Heat-Free Print Technology does not require heat to warm up a fuser when it is switched on or awoken from sleep mode. This enables the printer to start printing immediately without the waiting period you experience with laser printers.

As the average print job is a little over 3 pages, the number of times a printer is awoken each day quickly adds up. The significant reduction in wasted time increases your teams productivity.

Less Energy - reduces your energy costs & your carbon footprint

Epson’s Heat-Free Print Technology uses far less power because it does not require power to either pre-heat a fuser unit or heat to fuse the toner powder to the paper.

As printers and copiers account for around 10% of the energy used in the typical office, this significantly reduces the energy used, your energy bills and makes your printing more sustainable too by reducing your CO2 emissions.

Less Waste - better management of natural resources

Laser printers typically require more consumableparts and require periodic replacement of the drum, transfer belt and fuser in many cases, as well as frequent replacement of toner cartridges.

Heat-Free printers have fewer parts that could wear and need replacing.  Epson’s high-yield ink packs need replacing far less often than laser toner caridges, reducing the number of cartridges, packaging, and carbon miles traveled by delivery vans.

Epson reduce construction materials by making the devices more compact and using recycled material. Even packaging and transportation have been designed with sustainability in mind, which, taken together, reduce consumables waste and your impact on the environment.

Less Intervention - less downtime increases productivity

The design of Epson inkjet printers delivers high levels of reliability and mean there are fewer parts that can fail, reducing user intervention to clear jams and downtime while you wait around for a service engineer.

Epson’s high-yield replacement ink packs need replacing far less often than toner cartridges, also saving your team’s time and increasing productivity. Both factors make Epson Heat Free printers ideal for mission critical situations.



With the information you provide we will design a print solution that could could reduce both your carbon footprint and your bills.

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